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The UCSD College Republicans Condemn Divestment Passage in AS – An Official Statement

College Republicans at UCSD strongly condemn the passage of divestment by the Associated Student government at UCSD. UCSD was founded by Roger Revelle on the principles of tolerance and inclusion. Yesterday the AS government decided to no longer uphold those principles of tolerance, voting to instead isolate a minority group on campus, condemn America’s strongest […]

Divestment at UCSD – A Poor Choice

by John Ayers-Mann The Boycott Divest Sanction movement has returned to our campus again for another year as Students for Justice in Palestine continue to propagate the ill-conceived legislation known as divestment. The bill promises to promote peace by having ASUCSD urge the UC system to disinvest from companies that contribute to the violation of […]

“Life of Julia” Went Too Far

by Ryan Harvard I had forgotten all about the “Life of Julia” until our YAL meeting when it came up during discussion. For those who don’t know, “Life of Julia” was a slide show that the Obama campaign released online around September 2012 that walked us through the life of “Julia”, a fictional, female citizen […]

Comic – Winter 2013 Issue

A Few Improvements for AS Safe Rides

by Ryan Harvard Designed to help eliminate dangerous, “uncomfortable, or unexpected situations” among UCSD students, AS Saferides is certainly a well-intentioned program. But it is not above criticism. For 2012-2013, Saferides has a budget of $27,000 and the service operates from “11:00 PM to 3:00 AM Tuesday,Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.” Breaking that down, the service […]

Brief – Overseas Tensions on the Rise

by Natalie Wong Much to our relief, 2012 passed by and the world didn’t end. This may call for some celebration. However, while most of us prepared ourselves for the zombie apocalypse that may or may not occur, political disagreements persisted between the United States and foreign countries, triggering violence and unnecessary deaths. Firstly, North […]

The Fiscal Cliff – Don’t Fall For It!

by Shawn Messner The fiasco formerly known as the fiscal cliff has been put off for a couple months, but eventually we will have to come to terms with reality: serious spending cuts are necessary. In the wee hours of New Year’s Day, Republicans and Democrats reached a temporary agreement to address the nation’s financial […]

Letter to the Editor – A Counterpoint to “Republicans Should Learn From 2012”

By Tom Webb, Senior, ERC An article recently appearing on this organization’s website (“Republicans Should Learn From 2012”) had me scratching my head and wondering if anything said was factually grounded; turns out it wasn’t. Let me start out by saying that I have nothing against Ron Paul or his supporters, and allow me to […]

Is Poor Mental Health to Blame for the Sandy Hook Shooting? A Look at the Statistics

In the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, many are discussing the status of mental health care in the United States.   One of the first to draw attention to the matter was Liza Long, who wrote the article “I am Adam Lanza’s Mother.”  In the article, Long describes her own struggles with […]

Two Sides of the Trillion-Dollar Coin

By Chase Donnally Starting a few weeks ago, a number of American economists and commentators became enamored with the idea of minting several trillion-dollar coins to “fix” our debt ceiling problem. The treasury, as it turns out, is legally allowed to mint platinum coins of any denomination, a law which was originally intended for the […]


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