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Sacrificed on the Altar of the Regents

Alexander Kreedman After increasing tuition nine times over the last ten years, undergraduates in the UC system will now be paying more than 200 percent what their contemporaries ten years ago had paid, in order to pay for a bigger UC bureaucracy. Since 2000, the UC administration has also increased in size by more than […]

Attendance: 0% of Final Grade

Michael Tartre “…providing grades without commensurate and appropriate student achievement, constitutes misuse of the University as an institution.” —Regents Policy 2301: Policy on Course Content The universally accepted purpose of grades — as a measure of competence — obviously indicates that points should be awarded only to, as the UC Regents codified it, “commensurate and […]

Is UCSD Trying to Cook Out More Controversy?

Alec Weisman, Editor-in-Chief Last year following the “Compton Cookout” Controversy, the UCSD alumni association found itself with egg on it’s face after the UCSD Black Alumni Group originally planned the “Kool-Aid ‘n’ Chicken” Night before changing the name to “Down Home Reunion” to try to sneak by the controversy. This year, UCSD Housing and Dining […]


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