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Samson at UCSD

**Posted by Alec Weisman

Interview with J.J. Surbeck, Executive Director of T.E.A.M.

J.J. Surbeck is a San Diego peace activist who serves as the Executive Director of Training and Education About the Middle East (T.E.A.M.). He graduated with a law degree from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. He then worked for sixteen years in the legal and public relations divisions of the International Committee of the Red […]

Breeding Hatred on Campus: Justice in Palestine Week

Steven Perlin As a supporter of the freedom of speech and open dialogue, I am not opposed to Justice in Palestine Week. I despise that the hosting organizations use student fees to fund their events, although I understand that everything is all done in a university-approved fashion. The truly disturbing part of Justice in Palestine […]

This Year, Time for Real Accountability

Daniel Friedman It was merely seven years ago when Justice in Palestine week began to take place on college campuses in Canada and across the United States. Depending on the campus, the official goal of the week varied, but ultimately it comes down to telling over the Palestinian narrative. There are many components to Justice […]

Princeton sees death of “Great Hummus Debate” after referendum fails

Gabriella Hoffman, Advertising Manager After much deliberation, Princeton University students rejected a referendum that would have banned Sabra hummus from dining halls. Students who have tackled and successfully defeated divestment campaigns on their universities can find some temporarily solace with this development. As I pointed out on November 22nd, this call to boycott and ban […]

Israel Defense Forces Soldiers Speaking at UCSD

Omer Ben-Zvi, Media Communications Chair of Tritons for Israel On October 6th, 2010, two soldiers will recount their personal experiences of serving in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) including checkpoints, its attacks against Hamas in Gaza in 2009 and Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006.  They will discuss their backgrounds, life in Israel and answer questions.  
 Orit […]

The Flotilla & Turkey

Steven Perlin, Staff Writer I’m not going to give every detail of the Gaza Flotilla and its intentions because all information is out there. Watch some of the videos of soldiers getting attacked, the IDF’s proposal to the Mavi Marmara, the “humanitarian activists” preparing to fight, the weapons found aboard the ship, and maybe Bibi […]

New Cartoon

A staffers interpretation of recent events.

Pro-Israel Alienation

Steven Perlin After an intense past two weeks of AS meetings in regard to delegitimizing Israel and its right to exist, the pro-Israel community at UCSD is facing yet another attempt to do the same. Apartheid week at UCSD is just another means by which to criticize Israel by singling it out for its alleged […]

Final Vote to Move to Committee

This is the video of the ASUCSD final vote of 13-10-4 in favor of working to write a joint-authored bill in a committee with TFI and SJP.


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