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Impeachment Roulette: An AS Council Circus

Alec Weisman, Editor-in-Chief Streaming Live: http://www.livestream.com/californiareview Tonight is likely to be a great deal of fun with the announcement that AS President Wafa Ben Hassine and two members of the AS Judicial Board (Arianna Peregretti and Sarmad Bokhari) are facing impeachment. The charges against the AS President rest upon the belief that she improperly used […]

Teaching Diversity Conference will divide, not unify, UC-San Diego

Gabriella Hoffman, Advertising Manager Reposted from the Student Free Press Association Website. Following last year’s free speech debacle and backlash from the ‘Compton Cookout‘, UC-San Diego vowed to combat hate and discrimination while promoting diversity, social justice, and equality. Along those lines, UCSD will host its Teaching Diversity Conference today.

“Horowitz Exposes “Hitler Youth Week” at UCSD” – My Story

Gabriella Hoffman, Chairwoman of Young Americans for Freedom at UCSD Planning a high-profile event at any university is a difficult yet noteworthy feat, especially when the event occurs during a week where many liberals, anti-Semites, and communists were also invited to speak. Although this was my first time planning a speaking engagement, hosting David Horowitz […]

New Cartoon

A staffers interpretation of recent events.

Free Speech, Fee Protests, & Deception

Alec Weisman, Editor-in-Chief Contributions by California Review Editorial Board On Wednesday, March 3rd, the California Review organized a free speech protest in opposition to the funding freeze. KUSI San Diego covered the protest, and wrote a great article explaining the situation. The Campus Freedom Network picked up on our protest and urged people to attend. […]


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