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Joe Biden at the General Assembly

Steven Perlin, Co-Managing Editor The General Assembly of the Jewish Federations is an annual philanthropic event held to bring together many of North America’s most prominent Jewish community leaders. This year, the conference was held in New Orleans, Louisiana, and attended by about 3000 Jews. In addition to the general public, a few notable people […]

Stop North Korea

Steven Perlin, Staff Writer Recently, South Korea’s defense minister said that South Korea could launch a preemptive military strike against Pyongyang’s nuclear reactor if there is proof that a nuclear attack was imminent. North Korea responded to this declaration by saying that any such attack would be treated as a declaration of war and that […]

“And the Rockets Red Glare”

by Jaryd Pavlo, Los Angeles Correspondent & Forum Manager As I sat on the grass this July 4th staring up at the sky, my friend Sterling suggested that these fireworks displays were a horrible waste of money. It was then that I realized that we could enjoy our fireworks while putting them to great use: […]


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