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Damn Those Petty Thieves!

Stephanie Drake ***Editors Note: This article was printed in the May issue of the California Review Over the past nine months the French Parliament has been working to institute a ban on the burqa, an Islamic garment worn by women to cover their face. The French government passed the ban on burqas with an overwhelming […]

President to Prisoner: Africa’s new Humpty Dumpty

Jocelyn Portales The leader and self-proclaimed president of the Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo has finally been detained in Abidjan and placed under UN police guard. He was arrested as forces of the internationally recognized successor Alassane Ouattara and French tanks advanced on his residence. Mr Gbagbo had refused to cede power, alledging he had won […]

American Exceptionalism, indeed

Simeon Morris The recent string of political unrest in the Near East has displayed both the inconsistency, and more importantly, the improbity of American foreign policy. I will emphasize right away, that I will not waste words on Republican-versus-Democrat partisan absurdities, as I am of the mind that both parties are identical in foreign policy. […]

So, who’s helping Japan?

Miranda Conway Sometimes, avoiding homework can inspire you to be productive in other, more socially relevant ways… Recent events in Egypt, Libya, and now Japan have left me sitting at my bedroom desk for hours on end, wondering about how the world should react. Or more importantly, how (or even if) the world should be […]


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