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So, who’s helping Japan?

Miranda Conway Sometimes, avoiding homework can inspire you to be productive in other, more socially relevant ways… Recent events in Egypt, Libya, and now Japan have left me sitting at my bedroom desk for hours on end, wondering about how the world should react. Or more importantly, how (or even if) the world should be […]

A Funeral for Civil Liberties: UCSD Young Americans for Liberty

Minority Education in America

Fred Luna Never in our history has our country seemed in so much decline: our schools are failing; our economy is in a perilous condition; our global influence is diminishing, caught in the headwind between a rising East and a declining West. What was once the dawn of a continuing era in the new millennia, […]

Why They Hate Us (A sociologist’s attempt at poems)

by Alice Chao, Staff Writer “They” = Extremist Muslims “Us” = US They hate us Not just us American conservatives Lest you liberals think Radical Muslims are pissed at just American conservatives They look at the extravagant lives of America’s extremely liberal celebrities And think bad thoughts They are not mad just at American conservatives […]


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