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Two Letters to the Editor

*** Editors Note: These two letters were intended to be printed in the Guardian last week, however AS election controversy caused them to be bumped from their issue. These letters were forwarded to the California Review and have been published in full bellow. ***Update: 4/21/11 – The Guardian has finally printed these letters in their […]

SunGod Guest Ticket Fiasco

Alec Weisman SunGod guest tickets were “sold out” before Box Office even opens this morning. At 7 am the line had stretched down to Round Table Pizza. By 8 am, Box Office staff told people in line that the 150 remaining tickets had been essentially “sold out” as temporary vouchers were given to the first […]

Resignation Letter of Sarmad Bokhari

Sent out via AS listserv this afternoon… At this point both Sarmad & Arianna have resigned rather than face impeachment. We are all waiting to hear the results of the impeachment of the AS President Wafa Ben Hassine was not impeached. *** After serving on the AS UCSD Judicial Board, and having witnessed the election […]

Impeachment Roulette: An AS Council Circus

Alec Weisman, Editor-in-Chief Streaming Live: Tonight is likely to be a great deal of fun with the announcement that AS President Wafa Ben Hassine and two members of the AS Judicial Board (Arianna Peregretti and Sarmad Bokhari) are facing impeachment. The charges against the AS President rest upon the belief that she improperly used […]

The UCSD Bait and Switch – Transportation and Parking Services

Alec Weisman Two years ago, Transportation and Parking Services came crawling to the UCSD Associated Students and begged for a student fee referendum to help fund the shuttle service. In the course of their pursuit for additional student money, many documents surfaced that revealed the internal mechanisms of TPS and the methods that TPS uses […]

Students First “Guide to Winning UCSD AS Elections” – Disqualify Your Opponents

Alec Weisman, Editor-in-Chief An extremist political party known as Students First has attempted to hijack campus politics by trying to disqualify all other candidates. Last week the student body at UCSD voted in an open election for their student representatives for the upcoming academic year. Results were scheduled be announced the evening of Friday April […]

Attendance: 0% of Final Grade

Michael Tartre “…providing grades without commensurate and appropriate student achievement, constitutes misuse of the University as an institution.” —Regents Policy 2301: Policy on Course Content The universally accepted purpose of grades — as a measure of competence — obviously indicates that points should be awarded only to, as the UC Regents codified it, “commensurate and […]

“Gender Neutral” or Segregation?

Rachel Bloom In a big step to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ of universities, such as Stanford and Dartmouth, UC San Diego is offering “Gender Neutral/Inclusive” housing starting Fall 2011. What this means is that UCSD will be allowing continuing students who are eligible for on-campus housing to have the option of roommates of the […]

This Unit’s Ready for UCSD

Matt Moser What do we all go to college for? Depending on who you ask, you may receive a myriad of different answers from wanting to learn about diversity or the world around us, to making friends, or even because we secretly enjoy the thrill of finals week. Ultimately, however, we come here to get […]

UCSD Libraries are Dust in the Wind

Alec Weisman, Editor-in-Chief Four libraries are scheduled to close by the end of the 2010-2011 academic year. Budget cuts are blamed for the shortfall in money to operate the libraries, and soon the IR/PS Library and CLICS will be closing their doors for the last time in most UCSD students’ academic career. Over the last […]


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