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New Speech Code Template Threatens Free Speech

A new definition of sexual harassment proposed by the Department of Education and the Department of Justice could drastically change acceptable speech at schools across the nation. This change comes after the University of Montana was investigated for its handling of sexual abuse charges against several members of its football team, and it was found […]

Disparity in the UC San Diego’s Guardian Reporting

Disparity in the UC San Diego’s Guardian Reporting Kelsey Doiron The Guardian more than misses the mark in its Monday May 21st article, “Students Hold Peaceful Protests,” through its disparity in its coverage of the events. Although the article spreads across the front and third pages, the front page was devoted solely to discussing the […]

Follow the Money: UC Salaries

Miranda Conway The higher administration of UC San Diego receives a disproportionately large salary compared to professors, according to a database of California public employee salary records compiled by the Sacramento Bee. This reflects the appeal of finding a job in the UC administration, which has increased in numbers by more than 200 percent in […]

U.S. Invites War with World: Intellectual Privilege, Jurisdiction, and Property Rights

Alumni, Peter Anthony Tariche Cross posted on Peter’s blog. Recently the United States Customs and Enforcement(ICE) agency has shutdown more than a hundred .com and .net websites, under the grounds these websites are under U.S. jurisdiction. Erik Barnett, Assistant Deputy Director for ICE, claims the United States has jurisdiction over all .com and .net websites […]

The Black Hole of the UCSD Libraries

Alexander Kreedman ***Editors Note: This article was printed in the May issue of the California Review This article is the second in an ongoing series to inform and educate the undergraduate population at UC San Diego regarding the health and longevity of the library system and how stopping services and closing down facilities affects the […]

Damn Those Petty Thieves!

Stephanie Drake ***Editors Note: This article was printed in the May issue of the California Review Over the past nine months the French Parliament has been working to institute a ban on the burqa, an Islamic garment worn by women to cover their face. The French government passed the ban on burqas with an overwhelming […]

President to Prisoner: Africa’s new Humpty Dumpty

Jocelyn Portales The leader and self-proclaimed president of the Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo has finally been detained in Abidjan and placed under UN police guard. He was arrested as forces of the internationally recognized successor Alassane Ouattara and French tanks advanced on his residence. Mr Gbagbo had refused to cede power, alledging he had won […]

Dear GOP: Who will defeat Obama in 2012?

Gabriella Hoffman ***Editors Note: This article was published in our May issue of the California Review. Conservatives, Libertarians, Republicans, independents, and blue dog Democrats are coming to a consensus: American voters must oust President Obama from office in 2012. With countless attacks on the Constitution, an exorbitant debt, a blatant disregard for laws in place, […]

Breeding Hatred on Campus: Justice in Palestine Week

Steven Perlin As a supporter of the freedom of speech and open dialogue, I am not opposed to Justice in Palestine Week. I despise that the hosting organizations use student fees to fund their events, although I understand that everything is all done in a university-approved fashion. The truly disturbing part of Justice in Palestine […]

This Year, Time for Real Accountability

Daniel Friedman It was merely seven years ago when Justice in Palestine week began to take place on college campuses in Canada and across the United States. Depending on the campus, the official goal of the week varied, but ultimately it comes down to telling over the Palestinian narrative. There are many components to Justice […]


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