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The European Union in Foreign Politics

by Claire Hsieh Original Post Here Headlines of international news outlets have one word in common: Ukraine. The Ukraine Crisis has been causing an international uproar. The United States and Russia have held conferences regarding Crimea’s referendum to leave Ukraine and the presence of  Russian military in the region. However, there is one political world […]

UCSD “Colony” Ban: Bad Philosophy with Probably Good Results

by Josh Marxen Original post here.   When the word “ban” appeared in the headlines of the UCSD Guardian my jaw dropped. According to the headline, AS had passed a ban on the use of the word “colony” at UCSD. The idea that students could want to issue any kind of word ban at a […]

The Impact of a Two Party System on American Politics

by Claire Hsieh Original post here. A stereotype that American citizens have associated with the United States Congress is its inability to productively pass any legislation and its inability to work with the United States President to come to any agreements. In his Farewell Address, George Washington famously spoke against political parties and its dangers, […]

California Review Consumer Survey

The California Review wants to know what you want to know and how you want to know it. Please take a moment to answer these quick questions about what you look for in a news publication. Writers at the California Review are very proud of the quality time they spend researching the topics that they […]


Carl DeMaio is Ready to Shake Up Congress

Carl DeMaio was born in 1974 in Orange County, California and educated at Georgetown University. After graduating from Georgetown, Mr. DeMaio founded the Performance Institute, a consulting company which helped government agencies cut costs and streamline their performance; he also founded the American Strategic Management Institute which performed similar consulting for private businesses. Mr. DeMaio […]

Another New Conduct Code: Recap of Summer Developments

by Josh Marxen Shortly before the end of the previous academic year, a proposal to change the Student Conduct Code yet again was submitted to the UCSD community for review and criticism. A finalized draft of the changes was approved by Chancellor Khosla on July 2nd, and will be put into effect on September 15th. […]

Student Conduct Code Changes Again – for the Better?

by Joshua Marxen UPDATED, May 29 On May 14th, Director of Student Conduct Ben White sent an email to campus faculty and students regarding a new round of proposed changes to the Student Conduct Code. As the California Review reported in October, the Code was revised last summer and was implemented at the beginning of […]


Marijuana: The Case For Full Legalization

by Shane Robinson One of the most notable events of the 2012 election season was the legalization for recreational use of marijuana in Colorado and Washington. Other recent attempts at legalization include a ballot measure in Oregon in 2012 and prop 19 in California in 2010. Recent polling has shown that a majority of Americans […]

Don’t Sequester Me Bro!

by Bradley Brown It is no secret that the United States is fiscally troubled.  At the time of this article, the national debt is around 16.8 trillion dollars. That is trillion with a “T”. Want to go back to when the US was debt-free? You would have to return to January 1835, just before the Civil War, […]


The Wheels on the Bus Go Into Debt

by Bradley Brown Have you ridden a Metropolitan Transit System bus or UCSD shuttle recently?  Do you also own a parking pass?  Most students would probably answer, “Yes, I ride, but no, I do not have a parking pass.”  If this is the case, you have been riding the MTS busses for free thanks to […]


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